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Lake Baikal Boat Tours & Adventures

  lake baikal cruise   Cruise Boat Charter Vacation
Lake Baikal cruise by boat baikal boat tours
The advantage of seeing the most of Baikal lake in a short period of time. The opportunity to explore the wild and untouched nature of the lake's north, rocky shores and sandy bays which are impossible to reach by land.
  baikal dive scuba diving cruise   Lake Baikal Diving Safari
Lake Baikal ice diving baikal diving
Feel tired of diving in coral seas? Then experience the severe beauty and the incredible transparency of Baikal waters. Sample the best of Lake Baikal's underwater topography and marine life with our diving centre.
  baikal fishing tours by boat   Lake Baikal Fishing Tours
Lake Baikal fishing tours fishing at baikal
It is a pole-busting, reel screaming, line-burning action and heart-pounding excitement. 2000 km to enjoy trout, grayling, taimen and pike. An unforgettable time of Baikal fishing - it's more affordable than you realize.
  Baikal boat   Sailing Yart Charter Adventure
Lake Baikal cruise by Sailing Yacht Baikal boat tours
The ultimate sailing experience. The thrill of taking the wheel and feeling the power of Baikal winds in the sails. Enjoying a drink in the cockpit, barbeque freshly caught fish, watching the sunset and count the stars before you call it a day.
The opportunity to visit the most spectacular and pristine places in which there is NO WAY to travel by land Baikal cruise - far out adventure
Baikal Lake Cruises - Everything You Could Expect From A Vacation Adventure
Ushkany Archipelago Cruise - a great chance to experience the natural wild life of Baikal lake's fresh water seals Baikal boat adventure - fishing baikal lake
Fishing Cruise - lenok, grayling, sig, white fish, omul, ... and fish-dishes by our professional cooker
Scuba Diving Cruise - the best of Lake Baikal's underwater topography and marine life with Baikal diving center Baikal scuba diving
Irkutsk - Nizhneangarsk Nizhneangarsk - Irkutsk
Irkutsk - Bolshie (Big) Koty - Irkutsk Irkutsk - Peschanaya (Sandy) bay - Irkutsk
Irkutsk - Olkhon Island (Zagli bay) - Irkutsk
Port Baikal - Listvyanka (Rogatka cape) - Port Baikal
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