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  Siberia travel   Lake Baikal: Listvyanka Town
Baikal lake - Listvyanka - Shaman stone baikal travel
Wonderful panorama of Baikal and close location to Irkutsk makes Listvyanka one of the most popular areas to visit. Taste Baikal delicacies, visit the museum of Baikal, seals aquarium and the museum of wooden architecture.
  lake baikal and siberia travel   Lake Baikal: Olkhon Island
Siberia - Lake Baikal - Olkhon Island - Burkhan rock lake Baikal travel
Romantic island of sun with sandy beaches, blue rocks, deep mysterious taiga and deserted steppes. A fairy idyll with its fishermen and herdsmen, among the most remote from all the world - lake Baikal.
  baikal lake   Siberia: Tunka Valley / Arshan
Siberia - Tunka Valley - the highway to Arshan Eastern Siberia travel lake baikal
Travel to the National park of Tunka valley / Arshan resort. The land of Western Buryats full of earth energy, magnetism, and mineral springs. A silent world of old traditions, a valley of 1000 winds and rains, a place to reflect ...
  lake Baikal and Siberia   Lake Baikal: Circumbaikal Railway
Eastern Siberia - Baikal Lake - Circumbaikal railway - railroad bridge travel to Lake Baikal
Round-Baikal Railway ... It is no coincidence that this part is righteously regarded as the museum of Russian engineering thought, and foreign tourists respectfully name it - "The Golden Buckle of the Great Siberian Trail".
  baikal lake travel in eastern siberia   Siberia: Wild Shumak
Siberia - The way over Sayan mountains to Shumak wild resort baikal lake
High in the Sayan mountains, deep in the taiga, on the shore of mountainous river Kyngyrga there is a Buryat sacred spa settlement. Over one hundred hot and cold mineral springs and baths provide natural help for people.
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