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Baikal Cruise to the Shores of Brown Bears Advantages of boat tours on lake Baikal

70% of Lake Baikal territory is impossible to visit by land. Those shores are the Northern Basin, Baikalo-Lensky & Barguzinsky nature reserves, part of the Pribaikalsky national park.

The vast land of thousands square kilometers is very rare visited by the majority of tourists and remains totaly uninhabited by people. Good reason why those unique shores are still wild and untouched is the absence of the roads. One can reach pristine sandy bays and rocky capes of lake Baikal only when travelling by water.

People who visit regular sightseeing attractions like Listvyanka or Circumbaikal Railway can't understand why others travelling by boat admire the same lake. Boat travellers felt in love with Baikal, local websites describe its beauty and more and more people return to its shores again and again.

Unlike others choose to visit cheap public bus destinations and lake Baikal for them becomes a set of only unique numbers like deepest, largest, reservoir that holds 1/5th of the world's fresh water.

Baikal Boat Tours - to the north of lake Baikal

Baikal fishing Cruise - Boat tours in lake Baikal area Few places with roads, museums and tourist bases become overcrowded in summer. During 1-3 days of the sightseeing excursion in the bus it is difficult to understand why Baikal is more than just a different landscape.

Within one lake choose the right destination, that's why this is so much about it. Plan to make a stopover for a rest, feel tired from the Trans-Siberian ride - go to Listvyanka or Olkhon Island. Looking for a place to wonder or the place to return - take one of our Boat Tours to the Northern Basin, Baikalo-Lensky and/or Barguzinsky nature reserves. It is the only way to see the most out of the best in a short period of time.

Read what our past customers think about their Lake Baikal Boat Tour with us: A Place of Wonder and Water - The New York Times.

baikal cruise  No public cruises. The high navigation season in Siberia is short - from June till August. About only 30 equipped boats are available for rent. As a result they are overpriced and fully booked already half a year before the season. And only few of these boats are scheduled to reach the northern 'alpine' waterlands. Such cruises require certain experience and professionalism.

The mostly spread boat on lake Baikal is a one-decker diesel-powered Yaroslavets class vessel. The boat has an advantage to land practically anywhere, which is very important feature when travelling in remote wild areas of Baikal where there are no piers. You can observe ancient drawings on the Sagaan-Zaba cliff from the bow deck of the boat at a distance of 2 metres.
Baikal Cruise to observe Baikal seals

Our experienced crews are serving 2 best equipped Yaroslavets boats which give the opportunity to visit the majority of wild shores and provide a variety of activities such as scuba diving and fishing. Read more about our boats

Baikal boat cruises to watch seals
lake baikal boating  Lake Baikal by boat - Advantages:

- to cruise all around lake Baikal you will need 14 days by Yaroslavets boat not to include all the shores (30%) which are possible to visit by land. The best Baikal cruise duration is 7-10 days.

- one of the best periods to boat on the lake is at the very beginning of June. All other organizations suggest July 15 and August 05 as the best cruise period in lake Baikal. The only advantage they give to the warm water and air temperature. I doubt swimming in warm lake is the main reason why people would travel so far.

- the best fishing places are at the northern basin of lake Baikal. Baikal Fishing Tours: Click here if you plan lake Baikal to be your next fishing destination.

- live-aboard Baikal diving cruises are available 6 month a year: Click here to review the opportunities of Baikal diving boat cruise.

baikal boat arrow  Baikal Cruises - Photo Gallery:

Photos where taken during the boat tours and cruises in lake Baikal at the northern and middle basin.
Baikal Boat Tours - Photos 2003-2009
Baikal Boat Tours - Photos 2010-2014

boat baikal page  Baikal Boating - Private Charters

We offer three boats for max 34 passengers. Two Yaroslavets boats with 8 and 10 berths in each, and PTS boat with 8 double cabins for 16 passengers. Accommodation on Yaroslavets boats is in cabins with 4 berths in every cabin. Depending upon the group size the cabins can be occupied by singles, couples, families or friends of four.

All the meals and personal cooker services are provided, but not included in boat rent price. For private charters we discuss the menu separately. By default we offer Baikal & Siberian cuisine (plenty of meet soups, fish salads & fried vegetables). On arrival day, our service makes a stop at a local store en-route to the boat so you can stock up if you desire. Drinking Water, Coffee, Tea, Snacks and Salads are always available. Baikal cuisine during Baikal cruises

Price: Charter 2015 - 40000 rubles for the boat (up to 10 persons).

The charter fares include a boat for 24 hours, fuel, crew with english-speaking personnel; fishing charters include fishing equipment max for 6 persons and fishing license for all the group members.

Additional expenses can include:
- Accommodation in Irkutsk.
- Transfers to the pier in Listvyanka village 70km; transfer to the pier in Sahurte village 250km.
- Meals on board.
- Nature Reserves & National Parks' fees can be paid on the place and depends upon the cruise route.

Boating season on lake Baikal begins with the breakup of ice in the end of May and lasts through September. Cruises in November and December are also available until the lake is freezing in January, though the weather is very stormy. Contact us to book a boat, the duration and discuss the itinerary. We will provide you with all the necessary information.

Seasons of Baikal cruises - Best boat periods and opportunities for Baikal cruising: 1-Spring 2-Mid summer 3-Fall

Baikal cruise  Lake Baikal Boating - Periods:

May 27/29 - June 10: Following the ICE: Cruise north among the floating fields of ice. Best Fishing whenever the mood struck. Best Seals watching (100% success rate in viewing). Seals are everywhere warming up on the floating pieces of ice. This is the only Bear watching period (100% success rate in viewing). Fresh from hibernation, bears descend on the shores in search of caddies flies that covers the rocks. The serenity and incredible photo opportunities. The most transparent water - best diving conditions, though cold water. The cabins are heated for your comfort.

July - August: Peak of the hight season. Warm weather, numerous visits to secluded part of the lake with spectacular sceneries, towering cliffs, and incredible sunrises. Evenings on the shores, good fishing, good seals watching is guaranteed only in Ushkany islands. Awesome beauty of a dark blue lake and green mountains still partly covered with snow. Many mosquitos.

September - October: The awe inspiring cliffs, incredible Fall colors of the numerous deciduous larch trees and photo opportunities make this a unique vacation on the surface. Fall colors are at their peak only during two weeks: end of September & the beginning of October. The cabins are heated for your comfort. Very good fishing. Fair seals watching is guaranteed in Ushkany islands. This is the most delightful cruise period of the Fall Season.

During every period: children are welcome to fish and take a turn at the wheel, participants learn about the history & geology of our magnificent lake and the captain serves an excellent full course barbecued dinner out of endemic Baikal fish including famous Siberian welcome drink. Our Baikal cruises will delight both nature lover and adventurer.

Baikal cruise contacts  When you charter the boat, you can create your own custom itinerary for exploring Lake Baikal's vast shoreline (2000 km) and secluded bays. We offer a full catering service and ready to show all the beauty of Lake Baikal with the professionalism you are looking for. Email us or call to speak straight away.
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