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The advantage of seeing the best of lake Baikal:

Special relief features of Baikal and it's steep slopes surrounded by Siberian backwoods make it hard to explore the hidden beauty of the Lake by land. Therefore, a boat charter is the most reasonable and effective way to see the most of lake Baikal and it's region.

baikal by boat  The period of navigation lasts from the end of May till the end of October. If you would like to book a period, please contact us. We will answer back with possible variants and schedules. E-mail us your wishes and suggestions, places you would like to visit, possible duration, size of the group, expected activities. We will supply you with all the necessary information.

boat lake baikal  When venturing out to the lake, safety is a top priority. All fishing boats are outfitted with a full compliment of safety and life-saving equipment, in addition to general safety gear such as life jackets and fire extinguishers. This includes two self-deploying life rafts, multiple VHF radios and onboard communications systems. Our experienced crews serving the following Baikal boats:
  TYPE:   ZMK 24m | Boat Name:   GROM
baikal boat tours - boat rent
Our best `ice-breaker` which we use constantly during last 3 years

Cabins for passengers: 4 (2 lower + 2 upper berths, 1 triple and 1 single)
Berths total: 9

Rate: 55000 rubles per day
Diesel-powered, 24 meters long, 12km/hour, all-weather vessel. Best for small groups/families and 7-14 days live-aboard travel. All necessary equipment for fishing, PVC inflatable, caboose, latrine, shower, 220V, sauna

Rent price includes 24hours and boat cruise for 10-12 hours per day average. If non-stop cruising periods are longer and/or overnight crossings are neccessary - the rent cost is increasing.

Accommodation: optimal 6, possible 9

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  TYPE:   Zhook | Boat Name:   Ivan Savateev
lake baikal boats for rent
Baikal boats for rent: Ivan Savateev boat

Cabins for passengers: 1
Berths total: 6

Rate: 50000 rubles per day
Diesel-powered, 20 meters long, 14km/hour, all-weather vessel. Best for small groups/families and 3-7 days live-aboard travel. All necessary equipment for fishing, PVC inflatable, caboose, latrine and shower. 220V.

Rent price includes 24hours and boat cruise for 8-10 hours per day average. If much longer crossing periods and/or overnight cruises the rent cost increase.

Accommodation: optimal 4-5, possible 6

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  TYPE:   Yaroslavets | Boat Name:   Nikola
Baikal boat tours
Baikal boats: Nikola boat

Cabins: 2  |   Berths: 8

Rate: 55000 rubles per day
Yaroslavets is a one-decker ex-Volga River gunboat which is highly spread on the lake. Its main advantage is the ability to land practically anywhere, that is very important feature when travelling in Baikal. You can observe ancient drawings on the cliff of Sagaan-Zabaa from the bow deck at a distance of 2 metres!

Yaroslavets gives the opportunity to visit the majority of wild shores and not only overcrowded bays with a special pier and the road. Yaroslavets provides a variety of activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving. At last it is the best option for fishing.
Baikal Lake boat tours
Accommodation: optimal 8, possible 12

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  TYPE:   Yaroslavets | Boat Name:   Mirazh
Boat tours in Baikal
Baikal boats: Mirazh boat

Cabins: 3  |   Berths: 10

Rate: 55000 rubles per day
However you should not expect Yaroslavets to be that of a Royal Caribbean ships. It has 3 separated cabins with 4 berths (2 bottom and 2 upper berths) in each. Two cabins are for the tourists and the third is for the crew.

On the board there is: one toilet, one shower, caboose, engine room. Two separate generators: electricity (50 HZ / 220 V)

Length: 24 metres / 79 ft.
Width: 4 metres / 13.15 ft.
Displacement: 40 tons.
Draw: 1.2 metre / 4 ft.
Cruising speed: 15 km/hour; 10 ml/h
Engine: 3D6 / 150 h.p.
Crew: captain, engineman, helmsman, cook
Navigation: Radar, Depth sounder, GPS plotters, VHFs
Safety: life jackets, self-deploying life rafts, motor dinghy

Yaroslavets considered to be the cheapest cruise boat in Baikal.

Accommodation: optimal 8, possible 12

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  TYPE:   PTS | Boat Name:   Valeriya
Lake Baikal boats
Baikal boats: Valeria boat

Cabins: 8  |   Berths: 16

Rate: 120000 rubles per day

'Sea' class boat. Navigation period: May - January 10th.
Length: 30 meters / 98.5 ft.
Width: 5.5 meters / 18 ft.
Displacement: 120 tons.
Draw: 1.8 meters / 5.90 ft. (able to moor to any shore on Baikal)
Cruising speed: 16 km/hour; 10 ml/h
Engines: Shkoda / 190 HP
2 Generators: 4CHSP 25 W

On board: 2 toilets, 2 showers, sauna, dinning-room for 25 persons, sun deck, crane with carrying capacity 3 tones.

Crew: 5 persons
Navigation: Radar, Depth sounders, GPS plotters, satellite phone, VHFs
Safety: life buoys, motor dinghy.

Accommodation: optimal 16 - 8 double cabins with washing basins. Cabins have one upper and one lower berths.

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lake baikal boating  To cruise all around lake Baikal you will need 14 days by Yaroslavets boat.
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boat baikal tours  One of the best periods to boat on the lake is at the beginning of June.
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