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Baikal diving - Baikal dives Underwater Baikal at its best all year round.
Experience the best of Lake Baikal's underwater

Lake Baikal, being located in the middle of Siberia, just recently has become a unique diving location. It remains unknown among diving fans, it is private, severe, immaculate and relatively unexplored.

Daily dives take place from Listvyanka village on the shores of Lake Baikal (one hour's drive from Irkutsk) all year round.

It is not a problem if you have never dived before. We have dives available which cater for all levels of experience form absolute beginners right through to experts. From first timers and recreational divers to nitrox/trimix deep technical dives.

Single or group guided dives from the shore are available all year round.
For winter dives in Lake Baikal / ice diving please click here

Baikal diving  Daily Introduction dives for non-certified divers (max. depth 9m):
1 dive: 8500R per person

For certified divers:
1 dive: 7000R per person

Price includes:
- technical instructor/ dive-master
- all necessary equipment: tanks, weights, weight belts, dry/wet suit, fins, regulator, mask, BC.

Baikal dry suit diver certificate
Baikal diving tours Wet suit diving is possible in Lake Baikal at some times of year, but bear in mind that the waters are ALWAYS very cold. Already at the depth of 10 meters the water temperature is +4C, +8C (39.2F, 46.4F) in July - November and +0.5C, +2C (32.9F, 35.6F) in December - June.

This environment makes dry suit diving a much better option. As you know dry suit diving is very different form wet suit diving, so we strongly recommend eager divers take a course in Baikal and gain their official international dry suit diving certificate.

Baikal dry suit diver course  Dry Suit Diver Course / 2 dives in 1 day:
Price: 15500R including equipment rent
Price includes:
- theory, personal instruction, in-water training, two dives with an instructor, all equipment with dry suite, international Dry Suit Diving certificate CMAS/IANTD/SDI.
Prerequisites: Open Water certificate or equivalent
Baikal dry suit diver certificate

Baikal diving instructors Diving instructors:

Genady Misan:
- CMAS 3* instructor N RUS F00/13/06/000025
- Trimix instructor - trainer IANTD N 574
- Trimix instructor IANTD N 7120
- ER instructor - trainer TDI N 5721
- Advanced Trimix instructor TDI N 5721
- Instructor - trainer SDI N 5721
- Full Cave instructor TDI N 5721
- Site Mount Instructor TDI N 5721
Genady is Russian cold water diving champion and has been down to depths in excess of 155 metres!

Tatiana Oparina:
- Trimix instructor IANTD N 4834
- Full Cave diver TDI

All of our instructors are professional, experienced divers. We pride ourselves on a combining a personal approach with the highest level of expertise.

Test yourself under Siberian ice diving in caves of lake Baikal in winter. The temperature of the air is -30 C and the water t is + 3.5 C. We will make you feel comfortable! And be sure to venture into the great outback to experience the unique grandeur of underwater Lake Baikal. Baikal Ice Diving: click here

Contact us to book a diving day.

Diving period Water t° (depth>10m) Visibility (depth>10m)   Air t° (daytime)
May 15 - June 10
June 10 - 30
July 01 - 31
August 01 - 31
September 01 - 31
October 01 - 31
November - December
January / Ice formations
February - March
April - May 15 / Ice melting
+1C,+2C (33.8F,35.6F)
+2C,+3C (33.8F,37.4F)
+4C,+7C (39.2F,44.6F)
+8C,+12C (46.4F,53.6F)
+7C,+10C (44.6F,50F)
+5C,+9C (41F,48.2F)
+4C,+6C (39.2F,42.8F)
+1C,+2C (33.8F,35.6F)
+1C,+2C (33.8F,35.6F)
+1C,+2C (33.8F,35.6F)
40-50m (131-164ft.)
35-40m (114-131ft.)
25-30m (82-98 ft.)
07-14m (22-45ft.)
10-15m (32-49ft.)
20-30m (65-98ft.)
35-40m (114-131ft.)
40-45m (131-147ft.)
40-45m (131-147ft.)
45-50m (147-164ft.)
+5C,+10C (41F,50F)
+10C,+20C (50F,68F)
+15C,+28C (59F,82.4F)
+18C,+25C (64.4F,77F)
+10C,+20C (50F,68F)
-5C,+10C (23F,50F)
-10C,-25C (14F,-13F)
-25C,-33C (-13F,-27.4F)
-20C,-30C (-4F,-22F)
-8C,-18C (17.6F,-0.4F)
Lake Baikal diving conditions

Full Live-Aboard Baikal Diving Cruises

From the middle of May till December the best way to explore underwater Baikal is a diving safari / cruise on a specially equipped charter boat. This is also the only way to visit the wild remote sites of Baikal which are relatively unexplored. Our dive boats for 6, 12 and 16 passengers are equipped with everything to give divers a great combination of comfort and underwater natural beauty.

Dive boats with 3, 6 and 8 double cabins:
- shower / bathroom
- dinning room and dive deck
- speed 18km/hour (10 knots)
- electricity 220V
- large staging areas
- all necessary diving equipment, two compressors, Nitrox/Trimix mixing systems, oxygen and helium tanks (deco-tanks), 15 liter steel tanks with one and double valve, 24 liter double tanks with twin manifolds, stages for 8, 10 and 12 liters, weights and other diving equipment (for rent)
- 4 crew members plus dive master
- all safety equipment complies with international guard regulations

Baikal diving arrow   Baikal Diving Cruise period: from the middle of May till December.
Baikal diving arrow   Baikal Dive cruise duration: from 2 to 12 days
Baikal diving arrow  Baikal Diving cruise: upon your request can include up to 4 recreational dives every day or 1, 2 technical dives per day or dive courses to earn additional dive certificates (Dry Suit Diver, Advanced OWD, Nitrox, Instructor level, Advanced Nitrox or Trimix Diver).

Baikal diving arrow  Baikal Diving Cruise Price: 15000 rubles per day

Baikal diving arrow  What is Included in the Baikal Diving Cruise?
- Accommodations on Board
- All the meals, Baikal & Siberian cuisine (plenty of meet soups, fish salads & fried vegetables!). On arrival day, our service makes a stop at a local store en-route to the boat so you can stock up if you desire.
- Drinking Water, Coffee, Tea
- Experienced instructors and dive guides
- Transfers from Irkutsk to the starting point

Baikal diving arrow  What is not Included?
- National Parks' Fees - paid on the place and depends upon the cruise route
- Flight Ticket to Irkutsk
- Personal Diving Equipment: Dry Suit, Regulators, BCD, fins, mask, etc.. (available for rent on boat)
- Nitrox/Helium (available for rent on boat)

Baikal diving boat

Dinning room inside Baikal diving boat

Diving from the boat during Baikal diving cruise

Baikal diving cruise itinerary
Arrow for Baikal diving  Sample Baikal Diving Cruise Itinerary:

Day 1: Arrival, meeting, transfer to the boat, breakfast, cruise start. Diving, Chernaya Rechka (Black River), canyons, walls, sponges. Diving, Sennaya, drop-offs, canyons, tunnel. Overnight cruise to Olkhon Island. Meals and night aboard.

Day 2: After breakfast diving at Uhan cape, ledged slope, rocks and rifts. Diving at Burun-Bude cape, canyons, drop-off wall. Diving at Otstoinyi bay, sandy rocky slope, flat sponges. Meals and night aboard. Evening fire on the shore.

Day 3: Diving at Izhimei cape (next to the deepest point of Baikal), vertical slope. 11:00 - 17:00 Crossing the lake to Ushkani archipelago. Dive at Kruglyi island, volcanic wall, grottoes, canyons. Evening diving at Big Ushkany island - cave, rock-sand bottom, gardens of sponges. Night on anchor. Meals and night aboard.

Day 4: Observing seals at Tonky island. Diving near the Dolgy island, volcanic wall, grottoes, canyons. Overnight crossing the lake to Baikalo-Lensky nature reserve

Day 5: Diving at Icy river, vertical wall. Diving at Kedrovyi cape, rock-sand wall, jungles of sponges. Evening on the shore, fishing, hiking, camp fire. Overnight cruise to Olkhon Island. Meals and night aboard.

Day 6: Visit the Khuzir village on the island. Diving at Burkhan cape - buryat sacred place. Sandy bottom, huge stones. Diving at Zamogoi island. Diving at Hoboi-Hushun cape. Overnight cruise to Bolshie Koty village

Day 7: Diving at Chayachiy island, drop-off, unusual geological structures, grotto, flat sponges. Diving at Skripper cliff, ledged wall, canyon, split cliffs, grotto. Diving at Sennaya bay, underwater tunnel. Night aboard in a sheltered bay.

Day 8: Diving at Srednyaya cape. Diving at Baranchiki cape, flooded 19th century Trans-siberian railway. Diving at Tolstyi cape, flooded railway. Evening on the shore. Camp fire. Night aboard.

Day 9: Diving at Katorzhanka wall, remains of the flooded Trans-siberian carriage. Diving at Krestovka river, canyons, grottos, old mooring. Evening party. Next day transfer to the airport.

Baikal diving cruise itinerary

Cruise itinerary: Listvyanka - Pribaikalsky national park - eastern shore of Olkhon island - Ushkani Islands - Baikalolensky nature reserve (The shores of brown bears) - Small Sea strait - Old Circumbaikal railway - Listvyanka.

Baikal diving arrow  There is no fixed schedule. The Captain varies the itinerary to take advantage of the best weather and diving conditions. Different itineraries are planned to dive in the southern, central and northern basins as well as diving at Ushkany Islands to observe Baikal seals. There are still many unexplored areas in Lake Baikal where nobody has ever dived before.

We are ready to show all the beauty of Lake Baikal with the professionalism you are looking for.

Contact us to book a diving cruise or ask any question.
Preparing to dive on Baikal diving boat
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