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Baikal Snowmobile Adventure
Winter adventure by snowmobiles   Ultimate Vacation Experience in Lake Baikal

You are welcome to experience Siberia aboard powerful snowmobiles and accompanied by intuit guides who are used to the severe climatic conditions and possess a perfect knowledge of the territory, Safari Baikal Adventure offers you one unforgettable time.

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Baikal Snow Safari travelling by snowmobiles: acquaintance with the ancient Siberian Taiga, infinite spaciousness of Baikal's clean and transparent ice, the culture and the history of native Siberians.

Be ready for sensations, breathtaking  landscapes, frost, challenges, campfires, joyous mood, nice company, satisfaction, unexpected situations, aching muscles and reviving sauna baths. Enjoy comprehensive service and ultimate feelings, purple sun, fresh air and speed.
Baikal safari by snowmobiles - Extreme adventure in Siberia snowmobile rent in lake baikal
Itineraries: You get as much freedom as possible. We do not have special itinerary dates or hours. You may come alone or in groups, such as friends, families, company representatives etc. and you will have a safari of your own. We just settle a date that suit both our guests and us.

Duration: from 1 hour to custom multi-day wilderness adventure trips throughout Baikal. Organizing long snowmobile trips requires a great deal of expertise about snowmobiles, equipment, navigation and winter camping. Our guides organize the tours in a professional manner, ensuring that all safety requirements are met and that essential items such as petrol, oil, food and safety equipment are in place and in order before departure.

What can be done during a week?

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Baikal snowmobile adventure in Siberian baikal lake snowmobile adventure
Period: from the end of November till the middle of April. However Snowmobiling by Baikal Ice can be possible only during the period from the middle of January till the middle of April.

Baikal begin to freeze at the end of December and by the end of January the ice is already 0.7 - 1 m (2,2 - 3.2 ft) thick, capable of supporting up to 25 tons!

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