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Explore winter Baikal by Hivus air-cushion boat.
Baikal tour   Hivus 10 - light utility air-cushion boat

When lake Baikal area is covered with ice and snow Hivus vehicle is the best transport to travel everywhere. It is the only chance to visit Baikal shores where there is no way to travel by land.

This boat is designed for all-season operation as an administrative, rescue, tourist, ambulance, fishing and patrol vessel. The boat is capable of operation and out-of-shed storage in all climate areas at ambient temperature from -40 to +40 C. This boat is remarkable for its capacity to overcome shoals, gullies, shallows and move along gentle bank slopes, swamps, deep snow and broken ice.

PRICE 2020 = 5000 Rubles per hour


Total displacement:  1670 kg
Payload 800 kg
Passenger capacity 9 pers.
Overall length 7,55 m
Overall width (for transportation) 3.30 (2.5) m
Clearance 0.5 m
Overall height 2.55 m
Engine ZMZ-409
Engine power 143 h.p.(105 kW)
Maximum speed on water 70 km/h
Cruiser speed on water (with full load) 50 km/h
Maximum speed on snow 90 km/h
Cruiser speed on snow (with full load) 70 km/h
Angle of overcoming slope 6%
Height of overcoming obstacles 0.4 m
Fuel consumption 20 l/h
Fuel tanks capacity 120 litres
Range up to 400 km

Propulsive unit 6-blade fan inside a ring casing
Skirt system pressurized side walls, nose skirt, aft flaps
Russian River Register Class "+"

Specific features of the boat:
 - original configuration of air-cushion (license of Russian Federation No.2097231), providing high transport safety due to increase in agility and stability
 - safe emergency braking on solid ground
 - increased service life of the air-cushion skirt
 - elimination of air-cushion skirt freezing
 - high maintainability of the air-cushion skirt
 - increase in cross country capability and sea worthiness
 - low noise fan

Hull and Cabin:
The hull and the cabin of the boat are made of aluminium-magnesium alloy 1561. Riveting is the primary method of connecting assemblies. Two leak-proof bulkheads divide the hull of the boat in three compartments: front compartment, cabin compartment and engine compartment. Such structure ensures corrosion resistance, strength and high maintainability.

Air-Cushion Skirt:
The air-cushion skirt consists of three pressurized walls (two by the sides and one traversal), flexible nose skirt and aft flap. Each skirt features two-level structure and is divided into four pressurized compartments. The skirting material is PVC with addition of polyurethane with fiber reinforcement. Boards of side walls have a three-layer structure to protect from punctures and abrasion. The bottom is protected with polyurethane lining. The composition of skirt-to-hull connection allows quick assembly and disassembly.

The boat is equipped with a 4-cylinder carburettor car engine ZMZ-409. Fuel - petrol AI-92. This type of engine is widely used on GAZ-manufactured automobiles.

Air Fan

The 6-blade low-noise fan is fitted inside a ring casing in order to increase efficiency and safety. The blades of the fan and the casing are manufactured of fiber glass. The surface layer of fan blades is made of a material eliminating abrasive wear. The front of the ring casing is covered with a protective net.

Control System

The control system of the boat is remarkable for its simplicity and high efficiency. Yaw control is implemented by a rudder with a drive from the hand wheel (a car wheel) and variation of pressure in air cushion chamber with a drive from pedals. Control of the engine-propulsive complex is conventional, similar to that of cars.

The boat features a spacious cabin of the following dimensions: length - 2.50 m, width - 1.85 m, height - 1.34 m. Glassing of entire perimeter of the cabin and rear-view mirrors provide a wonderful circular view. In the cabin there are four car seats along the sides and a double seat at the back wall. The driver's seat is adjustable. There is enough space in the aisle of the cabin to locate a medical stretcher. It is possible to install a folding table before the front passenger's seat.
A car-design heater supplies warm air inside the cabin and on the windshield. By the customer's request, it is possible to fit one more heater of such type or an autonomous heater.

Complete equipment:
The boat is equipped with a car steering wheel and instrument panel, hourmeter, aircraft-designed control system switches, air speed indicator, accumulator battery of 90-hour capacity, three windscreen wipers, navigation lights, two search lights, cabin illumination lights, four mooring cleats, two fuel tanks, siren, hand grips on the cabin top. On the customer's request, the boat can be furnished with an anchor with an anchor end, fasts, hoisting slings, life-jackets, a radio-station, rear-view mirrors, centralized side-wall inflation and pressure control system, a heater for pre-start engine warm-up and heating of the cabin with the engine off, an electrical winch, a trailer, an air-conditioner, etc.

The first air-cushion boats designed and manufactured by "Aerokhod" company ("Hivus 6") have been bought by Moscow Municipal Rescue Agency. The operation of the boats has revealed their high efficiency in rescue missions, unpretentiousness (the boats lie in stand-by mode on water or ice all the year round). Besides, the boats are remarkable for low noise level, which is particularly important during operation in densely populated areas.

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