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Baikal & Siberia Helicopter Flights
helicopter baikal  Charter Scenic Helicopter Tours & Rides in Lake Baikal

We are proud to present a selection of exclusive helicopter tours operated by Aerostar Helicopters Limited departing from either central Irkutsk or a short distance away in Lake Baikal at Listvyanka village aerodrome.

Helicopter sightseeing tours are a memorable trip of a lifetime experience to see the sights of Siberia from only 300 metres above the Lake Baikal! Fully flexible options are available if you decide to experience fishing, hunting, heli-skiing and boarding or if you plan to visit mineral springs and baths at the remote shores of Baikal where it is impossible to travel by land. The outer helicopter noise is 6,6 dB which is below ICAO limitations. This gives a permission to work in national parks and nature reservation. The helicopter weight of 1.6 tons allows to land on ice and in deep taiga mountains. Private or business, your opportunities are endless. We have several packages to choose from or we can tailor make a day just for you.

Whatever your helicopter charter requirements, our EUROCOPTER EC-120B is now available from an unbeatable base rate of 55000 R per hour inclusive of pilot and fuel. Waiting for the 1st hour is free of charge. More than 1 hour is 5000R per hour.

Speed of 220 km/h (123 Mph), range of up to 750 km (421 miles), max baggage weight per person 15kg. Smart and refurbished leather interior, air condition, stereo system, up to 4 passengers can be entertained or transported to your required destination quickly and in style and comfort. Helicopter flights are insured and licensed by International Civil Aviation Authority.

Helicopters are the ultimate way to travel and the experienced staff at BaikalExplorer takes pleasure in providing you with memorable helicopter experiences.

E-mail us or call us with your personalized requirements for the best quotation.

All year round we provide a shuttle service in Lake Baikal and Eastern Siberia. We can fly you to any of the other great highlights in Eastern Siberia such as:

Baikal helicopter trips  Lake Baikal:

  • Sandy Dunes

  • Olkhon Island

  • The source of Lena River

  • Hot springs of cape Kotelnikovsky

  • Severobaikalsk city

  • Lake Froliha

  • Hot springs and baths of Hakusi

  • Chivirkusky gulf

  • Sacred Nose Peninsula

  • Ushkani Isands (the biggest population of Baikal seals)

  • Barguzinski gulf

  • Delta of Selenga river

  • Baikalsk city ski base

  • Hamar-Daban mountain range

  • Circumbaikal railway

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    baikal helicopter flights
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    Lake Baikal and Siberia helicopter tours

    Helicopter flights in Siberia and Lake Baikal

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