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Peschanaya Bay / Sandy Dunes

Babushka Bay is the best sandy place for camping

Peschanaya Bay is between the Small Kolokolnya cape and Big Kolokolnya Bay

Babushka Bay means Grandmother Bay - so warm sand and water as the attitude of your grandmother

The first is a Small Kolokolnya cape - the second is a Big Kolokolnya. Between and after them there are sandy bays with tour bases and free for campers

If to go further one can come across wild sandy bays as 'Vnuchka bay' which is also good for campers

Peschanaya Bay is an inimitably beautiful nook of the lake where Nature has gathered and generously given man the blue sky, a vast space of Baikal, the amber-like quicksand of its beaches and the healthy air of the Baikal taiga. The bay is famous for plenty of sunny days: it is the only place on the lake where the average rage annual temperature is +3,40C. The major part of the bay is occupied by a wonderful surprisingly clean sandy beach 15 - 20 m wide. The soft sand and emerald green water of the lake are magnetic, but the Baikal water is available for swimming only for a healthy sound person - in August the surface waters are warmed only up to +4, +16C.

Peschanaya Bay is the sole place on the lake where one can see miraculous "walking-on-stilts" trees, a real wonder of Baikal. They grow on a sand dune near Bolshoi Kolokolny Rock. The trees have risen above the earth on their stilt-like roots, from under which water and winds blow out the soil. In the vicinity of the bay is located a unique site of nature - Baklany Kamen' Island. This small isle, the only one in thesouthern extremity of the lake, in former times was known as the biggest nesting colony of the large cormorant ("baklan") on Baikal.

Deep in the bay, in the pine grove there are houses, tents and other facilities for tourists. Immediately beyond it, extends the thick taiga forest covering the slopes with a dense green carpet up to the very crests and peaks of the mountains. Amateur fishermen may experience real fishing happiness, and tourists dreaming of hiking may go along picturesque mountain paths to feel exhilaration and harmony with Nature that feels everyone who ever encounters "the Siberian pearl".

One of the most popular route is to the 'Observation Rock'. This is a view to the lake from the top

Babushka bay from the top of the rock

Sandy Bay - view to the north

Zshandarm cape devides the sandy dunes between two tour bases

The best lonely place for a lovely couple ...

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Sandy Dunes - Peschanaya Bay