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Photos from winter tours to Lake Baikal
baikal photos  Photos of Khuzir - the main village of Olkhon Island

Olkhon Island - Khuzir village - 34C Olkhon Island - Khuzir village - 28C Olkhon Island - Khuzir village - 30C Olkhon Island - Khuzir village - 33C Olkhon Island - Khuzir village - Lesnaya street Olkhon Island - Khuzir village - central part
baikal photos  One day tour to the north. Photos of the eastern shore of Olkhon Island.

Eastern shore of Olkhon Island - 19km away from the deepest point of Baikal Uzuri Bay - the meteorological post. Camera standing on ice. Olkhon eastern shore. View to the south. Izimey cape - 5 km away from the deepest point. Steep shores of eastern Olkhon Ice Ice from a crack Shunte leviy (left) cape. View from the shore
baikal photos  Burkhan Cape: The holy shaman rock is one of the 9 holiest places in Asia

The holy Burkhan Cape near the Khuzir village. For a long time the cape was a place for annual shamanic worship. This considerable historic monument is a peculiar symbol of Baikal. Burkhan cape is also one of the nine holiest places in Asia. Burkhan cape - Olkhon Island - Lake Baikal Burkhan cape - Olkhon Island - Lake Baikal Burkhan cape - Olkhon Island - Lake Baikal Burkhan cape - Olkhon Island - Lake Baikal
baikal photos  Olkhon Island: Winter Sunsets and Sunrises

07:00, 23rd of February. Sunrise on the way to Olkhon. Mainland Sunset view from Burkhan cape - Olkhon Island The same sunset 3 minutes after Sunset view from Burkhan cape. The 2nd of March. Winter evening view from the end of Khuzir village Small Sea (Maloe More) area. The end of February Sunset in Khuzir village Sunset in Khuzir village
baikal photos  Ground transport - UAZ. Trip to the north of Olkhon.

Big Sea - opened lake Baikal. 1.5km of water below. Jeep trip by UAZ. Infront of the eastern shore of Olkhon Island This winter was rather snowy. Lake Baikal surface is totaly covered with snow. Such stops are very often Travelling south Jumping over the crack In the field of the island. Our driver Andrew. UAZ 452 was a military project now available for public use UAZ 452 was used as an emergency van during the war actions
UAZ UAZ UAZ standing on ice like on the water View out from the icy cave. Jeep UAZ Departure by Russian military jeep UAZ to explore Olkhon Island and classic Lake Baikal vistas Heading north and visit Harantsi village and Peschanka place Turning around the northern pint of Olkhon - Khoboy cape Big Cave near Khuzir village
baikal photos  ICE spread

Winter 2004. The icy entrance to the cave in Khoboy cape. The unusual shape of the icicles is due to the high waves and strong winds in autumn. The same cave in winter 2005. Close picture of the icicles near the entrance to the cave in the winter 2005. See the previouse photo. Close picture of the icicles near the entrance to the cave in the winter 2004. See the first photo.
The view out from the icy cave at the northern tip of the Island.
baikal photos  Miscellaneous

Enroute in the village of Elantsi pick up a Buryat shaman, Valentin Khagdaev, for a rare cultural encounter. On the way to Olkhon Island. The holy Buryat place - 'Serge' 27th of March 2005 - 18km behind the Elantsi village. The area of 2 lakes. They are still covered with ice. The road lies between two lakes and goes farther to lake Baikal Olkhon Island - the road to Khuzir village Olkhon Island. View south from the Khadaiskaya hill. The view to the north of Olkhon Island. The jeep trip is planned by ice to the mountains on the horizon First View to Olkhon Island. It is the land on the top left. Toyota Mark II on the roads of the island
Toyota travel in Olkhon Island Olkhon. Main road to the ferry. In winter the road turns left and continue by ice across the strait Standing on ice Old house in Uzuri bay Khoboy cape at the northern point of Olkhon Island represents vertically directed marble rock plate. The shape of the rock resembles a man's head in profile. From Buryat language Khoboy is translated as 'fang' Local cars and Local people are going to take water from the lake using the plump. Inside the fisherman tent. One man is pulling out the nets, others take fish out of the nets. One more stop near the beautiful marble cliffs of the northern part of Olkhon Island. Sagaan-Khushun - this mountainous cape is 1 km width and looks like three huge ledges. Local people usually call the cape Three Brothers. Light carbonic rocks are covered with bright multicoloured lichenous vegetation. The place was inserted to the list of Baikal nature monuments.
Listen to Shaman's songs and observe ceremonial excerpts from Buryat shamanistic practice En route visit fishermen. Group members sample the ice fishing. Part of clear ice near the Uzuri bay 28th of February. The road in Olkhon Island. 15km after the ferry-boat station. It is 20 km to Khuzir village. Tourists infront of the Uzuri mountains Burat man and shaman Travelling by horse along the shores of Baikal, wearing the traditional clothes of 19th century Dogs at the backyard of the fisherman guesthouse
Mainland. Holy place on the way to Olkhon Local people say Baikal is breathing ... Uzuri meteorological post Talking with Valentin. He showed the ancient altar with paintings - at the foot of the rock behind Offroad jeep expedition across Lake Baikal Ice Trekking tours across Lake Baikal

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